The best of Japan 

Forget about scratching the surface and get chin-deep in Japan's deepest powder snow, fine cuisine and boutique cultural experiences.

You can't buy inside knowledge - but you can hire it. Our bilingual guides let you leave the "tourist trail" far behind and discover secrets even the locals don't know about:  a sumo training academy, hidden hot springs, tasty regional delicacies, and snow that will have you searching the thesaurus for a word that means deeper than deep.

Lasting memories, at least of the pleasant kind, only come with authentic experiences.  Your guide takes care of the logistics and translation so you can engage with the friendly locals, hone your powder technique and tame one of the world's most sophisticated cuisines with your chopstick mastery. 


 All tours can be customized to suit the duration and dates that work best for you.

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11 days 10 nights

Our first, most popular and most repeated tour: an unforgettable journey of authentic cultural immersion and unbeatable skiing. Lots of friendly local interaction, some of the country's snowiest micro-climates, vibrant Tokyo, amazing food and soothing hot springs make this a bucket-list favorite. 

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10 days 9 nights

An area still well off the tourist map? Check. Double take when you see another foreigner? Check. Road tripping goodness? Check. Plenty of powder for the active adventurer? Check. Lots of accommodation variety with a strong Japanese theme? Check. Definitely time to check out this undiscovered gem before the hordes wise up. 

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10 days 9 nights

The world's bestest most reliable powder snow. With apologies to people from the Alps, Utah or Alaska. Sorry, not sorry.



7 days 6 nights

Our off-snow "greatest hits" package featuring Japan's major cities and cultural attractions. Perfect for the first-time visitor to get a thorough overview of the country in just one week. Hit the ground running with your bilingual guide as we visit Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo; staying in quality 4-star accommodation. Ideal as a complement to your ski week.




Customer comments

Thanks Rene for a fantastic Japan experience. Having flown solo in Japan last year, after about three days with you, we felt we had experienced more of the true Japan than we did in our two weeks alone.Wonderful hotels, hidden ski fields and total immersion into the Japanese way of life. Thanks and we will be back for more! - Fizz


René Kelly

Born and raised in New Zealand, Rene has been traveling to, working and living in Japan since 1993; often for extended periods. 


Formal study, total immersion and marriage have made Rene a fluent Japanese speaker, reader and writer. He has a comprehensive understanding of Japan, its people and its idiosyncrasies. No worry and no hurry as Rene's skills allow you to relax and live in the moment: the greatest travel indulgence.  

Over the last 20 years Rene has skied or worked at a large number of ski areas throughout Japan. Since 2009 Rene has led all Snow Culture Tours.



If you would like to find out more information about any of the tours or dates available please email or call us at

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