What happens on a tour?

Go places you may not have accessed by yourselves. Expedite your tour with local knowledge. Ski the best snow and terrain available from the onset. We road trip around various interesting places to stay, eat good food and ski good snow. Powder and food gluttony? Or a health retreat with nutritious food and plenty or exercise? Bring your own vibe with private group tours , so its just you and your mates.

Whats the accommodation like?

In Tokyo we usually stay at a 4 star modern hotel situated near Shimbashi, one of the  best Tokyo transport hubs.

Near the ski areas we use a variety of different places. Tending towards Japanese Ryokan style inns, with in house hotspring Onsen baths where possible. We also have some family run Minshuku style accommodations that we have been visiting for over a decade, where our hosts will  make you feel welcome and give you a chance to meet and engage with some of the hardworking locals.

If it suits we also use western style hotels in some of the bigger cities  for there ease, familiarity, and great locations.

In some places, western style beds  can be arranged if this is more to your comfort, but at some others we will be sleeping on futon beds laid on the tatami mat floor of your room. The futons are very warm and comfortable and offer a  full cultural experience by themselves.

A lot of places we stay have hot spring Onsen baths in house. sometimes with indoor and outdoor baths, sometimes just indoors. Usually there are also plenty of public onsen also nearby so lots of variety for the onsen connoisseur.

Due to the seclusion of some of the places we stay, we often eat dinners at the places we are staying.

Is this a back country skiing tour?

Generally we will make the most of what is available to us easily within resort boundaries first. Plucking the low hanging fruit first as the saying goes.

At times , your guide may join you in skiing outside the ski area boundaries and offer their advice on path finding, gained through many years of experience, but as we are not registered mountain guides, all such activities are solely the responsibility of each individual. So , if you seem to be able to look after yourself, and are happy to be self responsible, we have lots of fun places to show you.

How do we get around?


Trains, private buses, rental vans, or however suits us best at the time. When possible we will use the excellent courier services in Japan to send gear on to our accommodations from the airport.

Should I bring lots of gear?


No. Traveling as light as you can is best.


What level skier or rider do I need to be?

Intermediate and above is best to make the most of the skiing on offer. We have been teaching people to ski powder for years. Its amazing how far you can improve in a week of skiing with a few helpful pointers each day.